Wiener Fotomarathon Info-Sheet

What is a photomarathon?

What exactly is a photomarathon and what can i expect when i will take the challenge?

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The winner from all contests 2022

Here you will find de detailed results and all pictures from the 19. Wiener Fotomarathon.

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Winners Ceremony

Here you can watch the contactless ceremony of the 19th Wiener Fotomarathon.


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PhotoMarathon? What can I expect?

Fotomarathon does not mean „running around“.
In fact, it is about capturing the themes in creative pictures.

An exciting photo-event for everyone!

  • A lot of Fun!

    While searching for the best motifs you will get to know your hometown from a completely new angle - a lot of fun included.

  • Like-minded People

    You are not alone. Many people have participated several times and can help you with many tips and tricks.

  • Suspense

    Of course you have to watch the time, you only have 12 hours to work off the themes. Don’t dawdle!

  • The Topics

    Since you only have 1 hour per topic it might be a good idea to think about where to take which picture.

  • Creativity

    Creativity is key. Who manages to find the best idea for a specific topic and capture it in a picture?

  • The Camera

    Don’t forget to prepare the camera and pack your equipment the night before - you want to be ready to take the perfect picture at any time.

Results 2022

At the 19th Wiener Fotomarathon Christoph Koller won the Single- and Klara Hauser the Smartphone-Contest.

Results 2022

Image gallery

Please browse through the pictures of the participants.

Image gallery


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