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Can I register for a camera contest and the mobile contest?
Yes. Please fill in the application form a second time. You get a separate starting number for each contest.
What happens if I register but cannot participate?
We will refund the registration fee if you cancel up to 20 calendar days before the Wiener Fotomarathon. For organizational reasons, a refund after this is not possible.
How much is the registration fee?
The registration fee for the Wiener Fotomarathon 2017 depends on the respective contest. For the exact costs please refer to the application form. Please understand that the registration fee is higher if you register on site on the day of the Wiener Fotomarathon.
Can I start later than 09:00?
Yes. If you wish you can, of course, start the "photo race" also after the official start at 09:00; you can start until 13:00; in any case the memory card has to be handed in by 21.00 at the latest.
I have registered, but have not paid my registration fee - is my registration valid?
No. The registration is only valid after you have paid the registration fee, for which you will receive an email confirmation.
I am already registered, but have forgotten my starting number - what can I do?
Please send an email to - we will tell you your starting number. Please go to the info desk on the day of the Wiener Fotomarathon.

with the camera (single, creative, youth)

Can I also take pictures with an analog camera?
No, participating with an analog camera is not possible.
Is it allowed to edit pictures on the camera or on the computer?
No. It is not allowed to edit the pictures (detail, change in color, etc.) AFTER pressing the release. All camera adjustments that are possible BEFORE releasing are allowed (white balance, ISO, Color Key, multiple exposure, etc.).
May I take a picture of my starting number already before 09:00?
Yes, this does not influence the rating.
May I use filters on the camera?
Of course. They are used BEFORE releasing.
Are multiple exposures allowed?
Yes, if it is not edited after releasing the final exposure and only in the creative and youth contest.
Can I delete pictures on the memory card?
Yes, individual pictures may be deleted from the memory card, but you must not manipulate the data, or edit them respectively. You must stick to the given sequence of the themes.
Can I watch pictures on the computer for a better selection?
Yes. However, we recommend to use a card reader to save the pictures from the memory card to e.g. explorer, file manager, etc. before watching them. Some film viewers write back information to the memory card when directly accessing the pictures; since we cannot distinguish this from a manipulation of the picture, the participant will be disqualified. If you are not sure, do not watch the pictures on the computer.
Which format must pictures have?
The pictures must be saved as jpegs in a 12 - 24 mpx resolution. Please delete any RAW data from the memory card before handing it in.
May I take pictures in RAW format?
No, only jpegs are allowed on the memory card.
May I use several cameras?
No, the pictures on the memory card must come from the same camera.
May I take black and white pictures?
Yes, of course.
Is it allowed to change the lens?
Yes, of course you can change the lens.

with the smart phone

Do i need to be in Vienna to take part with my mobile?
Not necessarily, but it is possible that one ore more topics need some more additional creativity as the Wiener Fotomarathon takes place in Vienna.
I cannot find the app for the mobile contest in the store.
Please look for "Wiener Fotomarathon" or "Photomaraton" in the store and directly click on the link to the respective platform on our website.
How can I login in the app?
After you have paid the registration fee you will receive an email with your access information. The user name is always the email address which you have used for registering for the Wiener Fotomarathon.
I have forgotten my password.
You will find a link in your app to request a new password. Please understand that we will send passwords only to participants who have already paid their registration fee.
The app has crashed, what can I do?
You can delete the app at any time and re-install it. Your pictures will not be affected. Alternatively, you can delete the app data in the settings. If you restart the app the server will refresh the data.
There is an error when uploading the picture.
Maybe the server for the picture upload was temporarily not available. Please try it again a bit later.
I want to change a picture for a topic. Is this possible?
Yes, you can change a picture at any time by clicking on the current picture for a theme and upload it again.
Do I have to take the pictures in the given sequence?
No, in the mobile contest you can upload the pictures independent of the sequence.
May I edit the pictures before uploading them?
Yes, you can use any app on your mobile phone for editing the pictures.
I forgot to click on "Submit Participation".
This is not a problem if you have uploaded all 12 pictures.
I have not uploaded all pictures, do I still participate in the rating?
No, you only participate in the mobile contest if you have uploaded all 12 pictures.


How will the pictures be rated?
After a first check of the requirements (no data manipulation, correct sequence/number of pictures, etc.) a pre-jury checks all photo series and makes a first rating of the pictures. The „best of the best“ will be rated by the main jury.
Do I have to have a common theme in all pictures?
In the creative contest this is surely an advantage as the main jury will also rate the effect of the whole series. In the individual contest this is not allowed - here you take picture after picture without "telling a story".
Who is in the jury?
The pre-jury consists of accredited jurors of the Foto Fachverband, both from Austria and other countries. The main jury consists of renowned photographers and experienced representants of the photo industry. Please watch out for our announcements.
Is it possible to compare the ratings of the contests?
No. The jurors know the Wiener Fotomarathon and will be informed which picture comes from which contest.
Will the starting number be judged?
No. The starting number is not included in the overall result - but we reward the best photo seperately.


How do I get my pictures after handing in the memory card?
You will receive the memory card to be used during the Wiener Fotomarathon. After importing the pictures for the rating each participant will receive a link to download all pictures from the memory card. Alternatively, you can copy the memory card at the service point before handing it in.
How will I know if I have won?
Approximately 4-6 weeks after the Wiener Fotomarathon those participants who will be awarded prizes will be invited to the awards ceremony, which will take place around 6-8 weeks after the Wiener Fotomarathon. After the ceremony the detailed results will be published on our website.
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