What should be pointed out...

As in every comeptition there are some rules:

1 Single, creative and youth marathon: It is allowed to use digital cameras except mobile phones. The pictures must be taken in the given sequence. Any data manipulation (image editing, renaming of files, change of EXIF data, etc.) will cause disqualification of the participant. Only one camera can be used during the time of the contest. The file format must be jpeg. Deleting pictures and re-taking them is allowed if the given sequence is followed.

2 Mobile-Contest: for the mobile contest the Wiener Fotomarathon app (iOS and Android) must be installed. In the app the pictures can be taken in a different sequence and can be edited. For each theme a picture from the gallery must be selected and uploaded. After uploading all pictures the participation must be completed in the app. The access data of the app will be sent out via email after receipt of payment of the registration fee.

3 Anyone can participate. People under 16 years of age need the written permission of their parents. The registration fee has to be remitted before the Wiener Fotomarathon to Volksbank OST: account number 305 4889 4001, bank code 43610, made payable to “fotografie.at”, indicating the starting number and name of the participant. It is also possible to pay on site (higher registration fee) on the day of the Wiener Fotomarathon.The amount of the registration fee is indicated on the respective registration form (online or on site).

4 We will fund the registration fee if the participation is cancelled up to 20 calendar days before the Wiener Fotomarathon. For organizational reasons a refund after this is not possible. If the payment is made within the final 4 days before the start the stamped payment confirmation or the printed bank transfer confirmation must be taken along to the start. The registration is only valid upon receipt of payment of the registration fee.

5 The participant agrees to be filmed, interviewed and/or photographed during the event by the media or media representatives for the usual documentation.

6 The participant expressly agrees that his/her recordings and pictures can be used by the organisers, partners and sponsors of the Wiener Fotomarathon.

7 The participant confirms that s/he possesses all rights of his/her pictures and that no personal rights are violated when showing third parties.

8 The participant expressly agrees that his/her registration data can be electronically processed. A transfer of data to third parties cannot take place without the participant’s prior consent.

9 The organisers reserve the right to cancel or re-schedule the event. In this case the participants will be refunded the registration fee within 4 weeks after the cancellation, or it is valid for a possible alternative date respectively.

10 Participation and moving around in the city takes place at the participant’s own risk.

11 The judges’ decision is final and there is no legal recourse.

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