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What is a photomarathon?

Due to the current situation regarding COVID-19 the Wiener Fotomarathon will be conducted contactless in this year. Further information will be found here:
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The somehow different photo contest

There is nothing in common between "running" and a photo-"marathon". A photomarathon is much more a kind of photo contest under "different" conditions. Within a given time - at the Wiener Fotomarathon it is 12 hours - the participants need to produce a series of photos based on given topics. The given order must be maintained (except at the smartphone-contest).

There are no limits to your creativity taking the pictures.


What could i expect?

Fun, Excitement and a different kind of challenge. You meet like-minded people, exchange ideas and gain an news perspective of your city while looking for the best motives. A funny day awaits you which you canshare with your family and friends.

  • I took part the first time and had to say that it was really a marathon! Including blistered feet! It was hard but it was a lot of fun and i just finished in time!

    Pamela S.
  • Thank you for the organization. Even we had 500km outward journey and had to sacrifice a day of holiday for going back home it was great fun!

    Meike W.
  • Again it was a real hard challenge to finish in time. The topics this year were great and we had a lot of fun during taking the pictures.

    Dieter L.
  • We particpated the 4th time and we had again a lot of fun! Our pictures are online now - we are waiting in eager for the results.

    Jasmin M.
  • ...and then i looked back on sunday and recognized that even though it was exhausting, how relaxed a fotomarathon is and how distrect it from everyday life.

    Guenter K.

Around the world

Fotomarathons exist around the world. They can be different in time and in number of topics as well as within the procedure. 6 topics in 6 hours, 12 topics in 12 hours but also 24 topics in 12 hours. Some also announce the topics during the photomarathon - i.e. 4 topics every 4 hours. An overview of the worldwide photomarathons can be found here:

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