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The Photomarathon Smartphone-App

Wiener Fotomarathon App

Participate with the smartphone

Since 2017 we offer a participation with your smartphone - for this we developed an own app for iOS and Android. So you can take part on the Wiener Fotomarathon from everywhere.

How does this work?

  • 1Register at the Smartphone contest → Registration
  • 2After payment you will get an email with the credentials for the app.
  • 3Install the Wiener Fotomarathon app from the app store (search for »Fotomarathon«)
  • 4On the day of the Wiener Fotomarathon you will see the topics and the remaining time.
  • 5Take a photo of each topic - you can edit the pictures as you like.
  • 6Tap on a topic and choose the responding picture out of your gallery - you can change the picture as often you like till completion.
  • 7After uploading all topics you can complete your participation by tapping on the proper button.

The app for iOS and Android is available in the corresponding app store:

iOS Android

  • App-Countdown
  • App-Login-Screen
  • App-Topic-Upload
  • App-Info-Menu

To be considered...

You can only upload images which were taken during the Wiener Fotomarathon. You can cut and edit the images however you like and you can change already uploaded pictures till the end of the Wiener Fotomarathon. it is also not neccessary to take photos within the order of the topics - if you see something that matches a specific topic, just take the photo.

Please note, that each email address can only be assigned to one starting number.

And the camera?

It´s obvious that you can participate in the Wiener Fotomarathon with your smartphone and a digital camera. Just get a seperate starting number for both of them...

Digital Camera Graz


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